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Eva-Cecilie Richardsen

Eva-Cecilie Richardsen`s practice revolves around an interest in choreography as analytical competence and structural capacity, with a focus on hierarchies in movement and language, re-thinking formats and concepts in dance. Richardsen examines questions regarding work demarcation, autonomy, chronology and perception of space through cross-aesthetic experiments, as well as interventions into fields like film, visual art and architecture. She emphasizes process and conception over being and finished form in a practice that challenges established dualisms like production/mediation, performance/exhibition, document/event, and documentation/performance.   Her praxis involves interventions and collaborative strategies, in formats such as film, photo, installation, documentation and publication. Richardsen has created and produced more than 30 major dance works since 1997, within her different artistic initiatives and companies, as well as commissioned pieces. Richardsen graduated from the National Academy of the Arts, The Faculty of Dance in 1994. She has been admitted to the National Artistic Research Fellowship Programme, 2011- 2015, with the project Exhibiting Choreography – exploring transmission across diciplines and discourses.

Eva-Cecilie Richardsen +47 9392 5942
Biskop Heuchs vei 41, 0871 Oslo Norway

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