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Speaking & Building #1

March 2012

Performance at Dansens Hus, Oslo

Performers: Cecilie Lindeman Sten, Marte Vold, Jane-Camilla Lyster, Gry Bech-Hanssen

Speaking & Building #2

August/September 2012

Performers: Eivind Seljeseth, Janne-Camilla Lyster, Ingri Fiksdal,
Contributors: Signe Becker, Chrisander Brun, Marte Vold, Erik Ljunggren, Eva-Cecilie Richardsen.

Speaking & Building #3

August-December 2012

Video works (material investigations and dialogs)
Performers: Eivind Seljeseth, Ingri Fiksdal, Janne-Camilla Lyster

Speaking & Building #4

Februay/March 2013

Title: Double Room
Theme: Thinking through making
Performers: Marianne Skjærsund, Brynjar Bandlien, Guro Schia, Mia Habib, Eva-Cecilie Richardsen.

Speaking & Building #5

June 2013

Theme:Thinking through making 
Round table, Research-performances
Performers: Ole Martin Meland, Cecilie Lindeman Sten, Eva-Cecilie Richardsen

Speaking & Building #6

3 weeks in September 3013

Title: Completion already implied
Theme: Project horizon & Chronology

Speaking & Building #7

17-27 Februar 2014

Theme: Theory and practice
Workshop 1: How to filter text through practice
Participants: Ann Christin Berg Kongsness, Ida Guldbrandsen, Eva-Cecilie Richardsen

Speaking & Building #8

August September 2014

Title: Choreographing contexts for curated dance
Location: Main stage/Opera stage at Khio
Participants: Ludvig Dae, Ida Guldbrandsen, Eva-Cecilie Richardsen.

Speaking & Building #9

December 2014,  January-February 2015

Themes: Staged photography
performative documentation
document vs event

Speaking & Building #10

August 2015

The photo publication Speaking & Building was made to accomplish the arrangement Speaking & Building – processing Photograps form the process period 2012-2014
The photo publication was delivered as part of my reflection and documentation work

Speaking & Building #11

25-19 August 2015

The arrengement Speaking & Building – processing choreographic relations was presented as my final artistic delivery at Khio, theatre stage 6

Speaking & Building #12

April-October 2015

A hand is a blade / En hånd er en manet – text publication
Texts from 16 April to 26 of October 2015
The short text collection was delivered as part of my reflection work

Speaking & Building #13

Choreopoetic – curated text publication
Consisting of text contributions from 14 choreographic related artist

Edited by Eva-Cecilie Richardsen
Choreopoetic was delivered as part of my reflection work