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Speaking & Building #11

25-19 August 2015

The arrengement Speaking & Building – processing choreographic relations was presented as my final artistic delivery at Khio, theatre stage 6

Mirroring the exhibition frame in which the audience can move freely in the space and come and go as they please

Photo details from the arrangement Speaking & Building - processing choreographic relations (2015)

Uv-prints on mdf 

Mounting Hall Photo Piece

an appropriation of Vito Acconci`s Photo Piece from 1969.

“Holding a camera aimed away from me and ready to shoot, while walking a continuous line down a city

street. Try not to blink. Each time I blink: snap a photo.”

12 photographic prints where displayed at a around table in the Mounting Hall, connected to stage 6, at Khio

Model Workshop June 2015. Title: Reversed chronology. Assistent: Nikolai Lieblein Røsæg

 - “Alter Chronology”: Models and photographs as reflection on previous spatial consepts from the research period. The models and photographs are made as an example of methods of reversed chronology: First doing real size modeling in space and then creating simple models as an afterthought and reflections of those spaces.  

Detail from the arrangement Speaking & Building - processing choreographic relations
UV photo print on mdf

Apropiating text: extract from Céline Condorelli - Support Structures

(…) “And so you arrive on a kind of stage, without your shadow, and you start to translate reality or reinterpret it or sing it. The stage is really a proscenium and upstage there’s an enormous tube, something like a mine shaft or the gigantic opening of a mine. Let’s call it a cave. But a mine works, too. From the opening of the mine come unintelligible noises. Onomatopoeic noises, syllables of rage or of seduction or of seductive rage or maybe just murmurs and whispers and moans. The point is, no one sees, really sees, the mouth of the mine. Stage machinery, the play of light and shadows, a trick of time, hides the real shape of the opening from the gaze of the audience. In fact, only the spectators who are closest to the stage, right up against the orchestra pit, can see the shape of something behind the dense veil of camouflage, not the real shape, but at any rate it’s the shape of something. The other spectators can’t see anything beyond the proscenium, and it’s fair to say they’d rather not. Meanwhile, the shadowless intellectuals are always facing the audience, so unless they have eyes in the backs of their heads , they can’t see anything. They only hear the sounds that come from deep in the mine. And they translate or reinterpret or re-create them. Their work, it goes without saying, is of a very low standard. They employ rhetoric where they sense a hurricane , they try to be eloquent where they sense fury unleashed, they strive to maintain the discipline of meter‎ where there’s only a deafening and hopeless silence. They say cheep cheep, bowwow , meow meow, because they’re incapable of imagining an animal of colossal proportions, or the absence of such an animal. Meanwhile, the stage on which they work is very pretty, very well designed, very charming, but it grows smaller and smaller with the passage of time.” ‎

Extract from Roberto Bolaño - «2666»

Document Seeking Event is a performative documentation of an audience interaction which was part of the arrangement Speaking & Building - processing choreographic relations at KHIO August 2015

Photography: Marthe Vold 
Concept/editing/photography: Eva-Cecilie Richardsen

Havet / The Ocean

Soundwork installed in the mounting hall based on extraxts from lectures by Mårten Spångberg
Edited by Erik Ljungren

Sound documentation from the live arrangement Speaking & Building

Sound by Alexander Rishaug