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Speaking & Building #8

11-28 August 2014

Title: Choreographing contexts for curated dance
Location: Main stage/Opera stage at Khio
Participants: Ludvig Daae, Ida Gudbrandsen, Eva-Cecilie Richardsen

Themes: Exploring forms of mediation, seen from traditions in both exhibition- and performance contexts, gallery- and theatre context.Exhibiting Scenes. Document vs. event. Subject and object positions. 

Turning point 2: This work was supposed to be a forerunner for my final artistic delivery, but due to lack of funding I decided to renegotiate the scale, content, time frame and production structureReference text: The sex appeal of the inorganic by Perniola


- to create a spatial premiss out of the (main) stage as a milieu to use and re use

- to invite people to respond to speaking & building - as a method, as a sparring partner, in relation to the chosen organization of the space

- to choreograph a context for curated dance; where speaking &building is the method to be responded individually upon.

through different explorations I have defined examples of spatial organizations to push against, specific contexts to negotiate and use.

The physical reality I work with, in relation to the chosen organization makes the space open, as a sculptural object to be used. I am interested in how this gesture of invitation can be used  - not as a conceptual restraint - but as a potentiality to expand the boundaries of the performance as an end result as well as questioning the role of the auteur.