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Speaking & Building #4

Februay/March 2013
Title: Double Room
Theme: Thinking through making
Performers: Marianne Skjærsund, Brynjar Bandlien, Guro Schia, Mia Habib, Eva-Cecilie Richardsen.
Including video works (material investigations and dialogs)

Intern presentations at KhiO

These choreographic events are built upon speaking and building; staged dialogs and thinking through making; various language-material forms of interaction. Through complex temporal approaches and spatial relationships, the aim has been to explore the potentiality in choreographic thinking through a range of transdiciplinary practices, materials and thought-actions. Looking at choreography through the lens of visual art has been a strategy with an aim to propose a different way of approaching - another way of knowing - that is not about the work itself, but about the ramification of things.

building method
Reading Room
Sculptural Interventions